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experience matters.

Eric Groves



Eric is passionate about both the design and construction quality of your home. He has assembled a seasoned team of luxury home design and construction experts to ensure that your experience will be a pleasant one. Eric's "no compromise" approach to homebuilding applies to every aspect of your new home. Not only will your home be beautiful on the outside, but the construction quality inside, below and on top of the walls will be beautifully executed as well.

Randy Milder

Principal Designer/Ahmann Designs


Randy has designed some of the finest, most expensive homes in Iowa and beyond. He specializes in luxury homes and particularly enjoys the process of bringing vision to reality for the homeowner. From beginning to end, he will work with you throughout the design process. Whether it's working from an existing plan, or starting from a sketch on a napkin, Randy is here to listen and bring your dream to life. 

Mark Parlee

Building Science and Envelope/Enclosure Expert


Mark is a nationally recognized expert on water intrusion and building science issues. Every home we build is inspected by Mark before, during and after construction to ensure that all construction details are done according to exacting standards. Our strict process ensures that your home will not be subject to the all-to-common mistakes and oversights that happen during construction that result in significant damage to homes after they are built. 

Jon Groves



Jon has over 30 years experience building homes. He also owned and operated a homebuilder warranty company—ProHome—for many years that provided construction consulting, trouble-shooting and repair services for multiple homebuilders in the Des Moines area. Jon knows every possible issue that can go wrong with a home and with his vast knowledge and experience, ensures that no corners will be cut in the construction of your home.

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